This cat has the most mesmerizing eyes you’ve ever seen

This cat has the most mesmerizing eyes you’ve ever seen

The Turkish Van is a large, muscular, well-built cat with a moderately long body and tail. It has strong, broad shoulders and a short neck; the jock of the cat world. The body of a Van should neither be stocky, or thin. It should call to mind the body build of an athlete, and indeed, it is one of the largest cats, growing to a mature weight of up to 18 pounds for a male, eight pounds for a female.
The Van is classified as a semi-long hair, but it has two lengths of hair, determined by season. In the winter, the hair is thick and long, with a full ruff at the chest and even full tufts of fur between its toes. In the summer, the hair sheds to leave a short light coat. Both coat lengths are typified as being as soft as cashmere, down to the root. There is no evident undercoat on the Van, only one coat. The coat begins short at birth and grows in gradually over a period of three to five years, so that the kittens will be shorthair in appearance, with thin tails, but as they mature, the fur on the chest will fill out, and the tail will thicken into a full brush tail. The tail does not shed hair or change according to the season, but remains long and full. The ears remain feathered with fur, so that even with its summer coat, the Van looks soft and fluffy.

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April 25th, 2016

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