17 Things That Will Make Sense To People With A Dirty Mind

17 Things That Will Make Sense To People With A Dirty Mind

Let’s face facts. The internet is essentially 95% filth. Pornography is quite literally everywhere, and we’re so saturated by it that most of the sexual activity we actually engage in would be considered very vanilla by the internet’s standards. It has gotten to the point that even innocent pictures can immediately put our minds directly in the gutter! Check out these photos and judge for yourself. Has the internet made you into a pervert, or are you still pure at heart?


1. One Talented Wang

Congratulations, my friend.┬áSeriously though, most of us can’t even get ours to stand up straight!


2. All At Once?

Don’t you think we should work up to four? That seems like a lot to me!




3. These Modern Names Are Getting Out Of Control

Honestly though, who names their son Watermelon? He’ll be laughed at his entire life!


4. Dat…Boxing Gloves?

I have absolutely no idea what those are, but I’ll bet she knows what she’s doing!


5. The Bubbles Hide Nothing

My big question is who, exactly, is taking this photo?



February 20th, 2016

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